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Is Flavored E-Cigarettes Bad For Your Health?

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Is Flavored E-Cigarettes Bad For Your Health?

The e-liquid or vaporizer business has seen phenomenal growth in america over the last 2 decades and vaporizing flavors is among the fastest growing segments of the ever-growing industry. More companies are entering the arena with vaporizing flavors, as opposed to the normal flavors that are made in the traditional cigarettes. The reason behind that is that young people want to change things with each and every flavor they try. These young people love to try all different forms of e-liquids, and to be able to please them, companies are discovering all types of new flavors which are sure to catch their attention.

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A lot of the new e-cigarette companies that are popping up nowadays have started out by focusing on one or two flavors. For instance, VapeNYC, has only released a limited amount of different flavored e-cigarette brands so far, but it has managed to sell out its initial stock rapidly. They released an ice cream flavor called “Chilly Cheesecake” and a banana flavor called “Chunky Monkey.” Both these are very popular flavors with the youth market. So, even if VapeNYC releases another couple of these flavors soon, they are already dominating the market of e-liquid that is targeted to smokers and teenagers.

The other companies which are really dominating the complete e-liquid scene are the ones that release multiple premium e-liquid products, each one of which is completely different from the rest. Two companies that have done this with flying colors are Vapor Rub and Cool Juprana. Vapor Rub began selling their first e-liquid product, called Vapors, just over this past year. They quickly became a popular among the vapor lovers worldwide. Vapors now sells a lot more than doubly much as their second biggest competitor, eBacco.

Vapor Rub continues to dominate the market of low cost, high quality, high nicotine e-juice. There are numerous companies offering Vaping flavors like Cloud Custard and French Vanilla. Some of these e-cigarette flavors seem to be rather bland, there is still many variety to choose from. For example, Cloud Custard is a mixture of red and white grapes and blueberry. French Vanilla is sweet and incredibly subtle, while Cloud Custard has a tangy undertone with slight hints of chocolate and caramel.

Where does Vaping flavors result from? Nicotine is really a highly addictive substance and is present in every puff of cigarette smoke. It is also present in the vapor that’s exhaled. When you mix both, what you are creating is really a highly flavored, but extremely addicting juice that’s highly addictive. This is the reason we are in need of all of the different types of e-cigs, like Vapor rub for instance, to help visitors to not get addicted to the nicotine.

There are two major problems with using flavored of cigarettes, plus they are the harm they cause to the consumer and the harm that these cigarettes themselves cause to society. First off, by making Vaping flavors available, teens will have a harder time getting their practical regular tobacco products. Regular tobacco products are easier to obtain than those candy-flavored e cigarettes. This can be a problem that health officials have already been battling for years, plus they finally came up with a remedy.

Next, the utilization of these harmful flavors results in secondary health problems. For example, because many teenagers start smoking at an earlier age, teens who start off with normal cigarettes end up being dependent on menthol cigarettes. This makes them more susceptible to diseases such as bronchitis. Since most of these young people start out using artificial colors and flavorings, they are not able to quit smoking until they reach a mature age, which leads to a rise in lung cancer and other diseases. Most health officials think that the best solution is to remove flavored of cigarettes from the marketplace.

As mentioned above, there is a reason why the government is trying to limit the application of flavors in electric cigarettes. These flavors will only encourage teenagers to start out smoking real cigarettes and eventually causing them to turn to heroin or other drugs so that they can get a hit. By removing these flavors teenagers will be unable to claim that they are using a safer alternative to cigarettes. By limiting the use of flavors, the government can be helping to reduce the number of young people choosing to smoke cigarettes. This means that in the long run, by removing these harmful additives, or cigarettes may in fact be assisting to save the youth from a life of addiction and disease.

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